Family Mediator

Florida Supreme Court Certified

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal and confidential way for people to resolve disputes. A Mediator's role in the process is to act as a neutral party, who is trained to help the parties discuss and resolve their differences and reach an acceptable agreement. The mediator does not make decisions, but helps the parties work out their own solutions and make their own decisions.

What if my spouse is not interested in mediation?

While it is not possible to force someone to mediate, you can point out the benefits of mediation. Friends and family (not your children!) can relay the advantages of resolving conflicts and maintaining control of the outcome. 


Mediation allows both parties to voice their concerns and desires in a calm environment. It is a process that keeps the parties in control and allows them to get what is important to them. This time proven process can result in a more amicable post separation relationship, especially crucial when children are involved.

Is Mediation right for me?

Congratulations on getting this far and looking into the mediation option to settle your differences . Recent statistics show almost every other couple will decide to dissolve their relationship. This is not an easy decision and finding a process that helps you reach an agreement as painlessly and inexpensively as possible is of great value to all parties involved.


How will you develop a settlement agreement is your decision. Will it be with blazing guns and someone outside of the relationship, perhaps a judge, making the decisions for you or will you take control? Mediation is the answer to peacefully reaching your own agreement!


Whether you have already retained attorney, appealed to the Court or you have decided it is time to move on, the Mediation option is always open. At any point in the process you can decide to make your own decisions regarding how you will end your relationship.

 If children are involved, this is all the more important .


Mediation is confidential. In the unlikely event Mediation is not successful, what is discussed in Mediation can not be used in Court.

How do I move forward?


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Do I need an attorney?

To protect your rights, hiring an attorney to represent your interests is highly recommended. Your attorney will review the mediated agreement and if needed make sure legal provisions are added, deleted or corrected. Your attorney can also help you finalize your divorce or separation with the Courts.


Mediators do not give legal advice! The role of the Mediator in the separation process is to help both parties build an acceptable agreement.