Family Mediator

Florida Supreme Court Certified

About Me 


I have experienced first hand the effect of divorce.  Good communication between my parents was and continues to be very important to me.  A good relationship between my parents enables the family to celebrate milestones together. 

In 2003, I graduated with my law degree in Israel.  Litigation taught me that there must be a more amicable way to resolve conflict. I became a certified Mediator through the Israeli bar association and began helping people resolve their conflicts by means of mediation.  I quickly became a fan of the practice. 

Today, in the US, I continue to practice what I believe in and am a certified Mediator by the Florida Supreme Court.  I mediate for the Fort Lauderdale Court Mediation and Arbitration program, as well as in private practice.


My goal is for you to negotiate an acceptable agreement that enables you to reduce stress, remain on amicable term, protect your children, and significantly reduce the cost associated with litigation through the legal system.

I mediate in both the English and the Hebrew languages.

Mediation – it’s a win-win solution!